Academic Workshops

Since week 4, the Economics Society has hosted an Academic Workshop every week to assist our Members with those notoriously difficult subjects, some of which include ECON2206 (Introductory Econometrics) and ECON2101 (Intermediate Microeconomics).

Many of you would have also heard and attended our successful Excel Workshop held last week on Tuesday.
A big thank you goes to our amazing Academic Director, Phuc Nguyen, for his great work in running the workshops.

This week: “ECON2206 Workshop PART II” will be held at the Red Centre in room 1040 – get amongst it!
Visit our Facebook page for Academic Workshop details.

Group Study Sessions

If workshops aren’t enough, we are also holding group study sessions every week leading up to the finals on Tuesday from 1-3pm in Goldstein G01 and Thursday from 3-5pm in the Red Centre, room 1040.

There will be an Executive ECOSOC Member present at every Study Group Session offering advice and exam tips. These Study Group Sessions are invaluable because there is a good chance that someone who has taken your course will be there to lend a hand.

So come and study individually, or as a group and use it as a great chance to discuss ideas with other students.

Careers Workshop – The Insider’s Guide to Acing the Application

Some of you might have started applying for internships or graduate positions and found that it’s actually a long and difficult process in which you’re never sure what you’re supposed to write in the application or what to say at the interview.

Ecosoc is here to make life easier by running a Careers Skills Workshop on Monday next week from 2-4pm in Civil Engineering 109!

Current students who have been successful with their grad apps will be there to share their secret tips with you on how to ace the interview, write a killer resume and pass psychometric testing with flying colours. Come along for some free pizza and talk to students who have been in your shoes so next time you’ll get that job you’ve always dreamed about.