UNSW Economics Society Annual General Meeting 2015

Last Wednesday evening the Economics Society bid a final farewell to the Team for 2015 at our Annual General Meeting. This year’s executive accomplished a great deal in revitalising the society, engaging with students and pioneering new and exciting social, academic and vocational events. They shall be remembered fondly by the Society and it’s members in the years to come.

The outgoing team:

  • President: Bonny He
  • VP-External: Cecilia Chang
  • VP-Internal: Kai Zen
  • VP-Events: Ruark Lantay-Lefkovich
  • VP-Marketing & PR: Darwin Zheng
  • Treasurer: Kelvin Guo
  • Secretary: Cynthia Supangat
  • Arc Delegate: Tristan Toomas Truuvert
    (Irrationally) exuberant
A word from the outgoing President: It has been an honour to be part of EcoSoc and work alongside many passionate and driven individuals to further the growth of this society. The success of EcoSoc and what it stands today is all attributed to each member – and for that I want to extend my upmost gratitude to my fellow Executives, Directors and most importantly the Subcommittee. The quality of events that we have consistently run is a testament to your capabilities and hard work. The strong sense of camaraderie that resides within EcoSoc means that it is so much more than just a constituent society. Rather, it becomes a family with everyone unified with the same goal to extend this same level of inclusivity to those who want to join. On a final note, a big congratulations to the 2016 Executive Team, and I am certain you will all take EcoSoc to new heights next year.

The incoming team:

  • President: Ruark Lantay-Lefkovich
  • VP-External & Internal: Tristan Toomas Truuvert
  • VP-Events: Michelle Rose Lwin
  • VP-Marketing & PR: Cassandra Yuan
  • Treasurer: Kane Hausfeld
  • Arcretary: Monica Wang
A word from the President-designate: Congratulations to everyone that made this year so special. A special thanks to the 2015 Directors and Subcommittee for their work in maintaining and growing this wondrous society. Enormous gratitude to the efforts of the members who helped ensure the success of the society throughout the year. Most importantly, the achievements of this society would not haveĀ  been possible without the consistent work of the 2015 Executive Team: Bonny He, Cecilia Change, Lingda Wei, Darwin Zheng, Tristan Truuvert, Kai Zen, Cynthia Supangat, Kelvin Guo, Terence Zhu, Julia Nguyen and Sarah Davies. Thank you for your hard work. The family we have created and hope to continue is attributed to your character as individuals.

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